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Privacy vs. Security in the 21st Century; German interview of Edward Snowden


I recently watched this German interview with Edward Snowden and was impressed both by the seriousness of some of his more recent claims, as well as by the serious problems facing our media today in that this was nowhere to be found on CNN, FOX, MSNBC or any of the like. This conversation about the relationship between Privacy and Security in the 21st Century is an incredibly important one, both socially and politically, and this interview represents significantly important breaking news here in the United States, as well as worldwide. Take a look if you have a moment. Link attached below, with a few highlighted quotes for your cognitive consumption:


Snowden:”When you work at the NSA, when you go into work every day, when you sit down at the desk, you realize the power you have. You could wire tap the President of the United States. You could wiretap a Federal Judge. And if you do it carefully, no one would ever know because, the only way the NSA discovers abuses are from self reporting.”

Interviewer: “Does the NSA spy on Siemens, Mercedes, on other successful German companies for example, to prevail to have the advantage of knowing what is going on in the scientific and economic world?”

Snowden: “I don’t want to preempt the editorial decisions of journalists, but what I will say is there is no question that the U.S. is engaged in economic spying. If there is information at Siemens that they think would be beneficial to the National Interests, not the National Security, of the United States, they’ll go after that information and they’ll take it.”


^^ It seems apparent to me that these issues themselves merit strenuous personal contemplation and public debate, both for their current importance as well as the impact they will have on the future of our society, nation and world.  Furthermore, of significant importance, I do not believe that these are issues we want to continue to ignore as a collective group due to the risk of realizing 30 years from now, 30 years too late, that we have accidentally mishandled these technologies and concepts to the detriment of our future and that of our children.  Let’s all take a critical look.

On the merits of Edward Snowden himself, this is an excellent example of why the man is so loved, yet so vehemently hated at the same time. The first quote above appears to be an excellent representation of what makes Snowden a hero to many, while the second what attributed to him demonstrates clearly why many classify him as a traitor.

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