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The Palestinian Naksa

If you have any interest in gaining a better understanding of the Arab-Israeli conflict, check out this video. The mass removal of Arabs from their homes after the 1967 war, referred to as the “Naksa,” and the Nakba (the mass removal of Arabs from their homes from 1947-1949), are two of the most pressing issues in that relationship, but also some of the most infrequently discussed – both in and outside of Israel.

This is due to state influence on collective memory, as exemplified in the selective posting of historical signs in this video. Scholars estimate that between 600,000 and 800,000 Arabs were either forcibly removed from their homes during this time, or that they left of their own volition to avoid the ongoing violence of the war, only to return to find their homes destroyed or being lived in by Israeli settlers who successfully claimed ownership of them using what we might refer to in the US as “squatters rights.” Just one side of the story, but a side worth giving voice to, as I see it, because of how disenfranchised it has become: http://972mag.com/watch-canada-park-built-on-destroyed-palestinian-villages/83861/

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