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Ayman Nour Interview

As things are moving forward here in Egypt, here is a copy of an interview I conducted with Dr. Ayman Nour and representatives of the Ghad (Tomorrow) Party back at the very beginning of the protests.

Written January 27th, 2011:

On the eve of highly anticipated protests believed to overshadow those seen Tuesday here in Cairo, a key Egyptian political opposition party, al-Ghad (translated “Tomorrow”) has declared the Mubarak regime a “dead regime.”  From the Popular Parliament, a stone’s throw away from infamous Café Riche, the planning station of the 1953 Free Officers Movement, al-Ghad stated, “This is a dead regime; it would be crazy to talk to them, just as it would be crazy to talk to a dead person.”

In contrast to recent quotes from Mohamed ElBaradei, al-Ghad party President Ayman Nour stated, “We do not believe that this movement needs a face or an individual, this movement came from the womb of the nation.” Dr. Ayman Nour was first runner up in the 2005 Presidential Elections and is widely respected throughout Egypt for his popularity amongst the people, thought to be a true “Ibn al-Balad, or “Son of the Country,” for his public service and term of political imprisonment from 2005 to 2009. He spent much of this evening in meetings with other opposition party leaders including George Ishak, an influential leader within the Kefeya movement, planning organizational strategy for tomorrow’s anticipated protests.

According to al-Ghad party Vice President Mohammed Abou el-Azim, should these protests mark the end of the Mubarak regime, “The People’s Parliament [which represents a coalition of Egyptian opposition parties, from the al-Ghad and Wafd parties to the Muslim Brotherhood] is capable of forming a temporary government to administer to the people until Presidential elections are held.”


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  1. Aunt Judith
    February 15, 2011 at 1:18 am

    Go Thomas,
    I have been waiting to read this. Fabulous. I have also been wondering what the opposition has to say now, especially Nour. I have not seen anything is my limited sources. Any comments on your part? Or is it too early for them to say much, in that I am still not clear on the military’s true and clear position. Any comments on your part.
    Aunt Judith

    • February 15, 2011 at 1:28 am

      Sorry for the delay. I held onto it thinking it might be published in a few places more relevant then my blog, but I think its highly relevant now as people start talking about him more and more. Nothing else to comment on as of now; we’ll have to wait and see. I’m heading into the square tomorrow and will be back with more updates on that later.

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