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Back in my apartment in Zamalek for the moment.  I can hear sounds of machine-gun fire from my apartment and there is a building going up in flames just across the river.  Feeling unhelpful and unable to do anything constructive given what’s going on downtown and what feels like a completely impossible situation to go into as a foreigner.  Sorry it’s all I’ve got for now guys.

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  1. Aunt Judith
    February 3, 2011 at 5:46 pm

    Since you are stuck inside, it seems a good time to say hi. What an experience you have had, and so important to have come through safe so far. Unfortunately, Mubarak’s announcement not to run again along with the disruptions in services, work, food, etc. seem to have thrown all into more chaos. My intuition can’t really sense what happens next. While I would like to think things would move quickly toward the demonstrators demands that doesn’t feel a given outcome.
    I did, however, enjoy the young man’s report and plea that you shared.

    So given all of that, your keeping us all in the know has certainly been appreciated. You send clear, focused, well-written messages, and you know I think you have the photo eye. So along those lines, what about working with CNN, what was that like, what most valuable thing did you learn?

    Take care and let us know your plans. If school doesn’t reopen any thought to AUB?

    Again, take care, much love
    Aunt Judith

  2. Elizabeth Hofstedt
    February 3, 2011 at 7:43 pm

    I tried to call but no answer. CNN is reporting that the interior ministry police just arrested the Washington Burea Chief and some CNN reporters.

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